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SMR Cares – Southern Maryland Relief

SMR Cares

Southern Maryland Relief
will be a responsible corporate citizen and give back to our community through participation in local charities, community events and services.

Southern Maryland Relief has a vision of becoming a good neighbor to local residents and businesses. Our vision is to be involved in the community and to serve as an example of a reliable, responsible, provider of medical relief to its patients. To fulfill this vision, we plan to establish an outreach program to include the Southern Maryland Relief Foundation offering education and services to the community.

Charitable Contributions

As part of our mission to improve the quality of life of our community, we have committed to donating a percentage of revenues each year to local charities. We will contribute to charitable activities that support the local community or advocate for patient access. We are working with our community to forge alliances with local organizations that can benefit from our financial contributions and other services.

Health and Wellness Services

The purpose of our dispensary is to provide compassionate alternatives for people who suffer from severe or debilitating illnesses. In addition to offering safe and convenient access to laboratory tested, medical quality cannabis for qualified patients, we are committed to providing an active education program and alternative health resources.

“Compassion Program” Sliding-Scale Fee Program

Inclusion is crucial for our dispensary. We want to serve all the patients in our community who need safe and convenient access, regardless of what they can afford. Our patients suffer from a wide range of chronic and debilitating conditions, and the severity of these conditions can often inhibit a patient’s ability to earn income and afford medicine to manage his/her health. The patients who need medicine most urgently are often the ones who cannot afford it.

At the same time, we believe strongly in an individual’s right to personal health empowerment through access and knowledge. In this spirit, our dispensary offers a “Compassion Program” -- reduced cost medical cannabis to patients with documented verified financial hardship. Our Patient Services Manager will conduct a one-on-one consultation with the patient to determine the patient’s eligibility and the extent to which reduced-cost medicine will be available.

Safety and Security

Our dispensary will have a multi-tiered and sophisticated security system, with layers of surveillance cameras used both inside and outside the premises, and security guards employed to ensure safety. The advanced security surveillance systems and security staff we will deploy at our property will greatly increase the amount of security presence in our community. These security systems will have a compounding positive impact on our neighborhood.

We will exceed the reporting requirements by maintaining a close relationship with local law enforcement and reporting any criminal activity. In line with our intent to make a positive impact within the local community, we are committed to offering enhanced security within the area surrounding our dispensary. Our security systems may be able to assist local law enforcement in deterring and responding to theft and vandalism incidents. Our presence will serve as a general deterrent to criminal activity and other problems on the street, ensuring a safe environment not only for dispensary members and staff but also for neighbors and businesses in the surrounding area.


28105 Three Notch Road,
Mechanicsville, Maryland 20659


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