Patient's advice for making RSO capsules from a syringe

Making RSO capsules from RSO Syringe

I prefer to use RSO in a capsule instead of directly in my mouth from the syringe because I find it hard to squeeze it out of the syringe.  I find it easiest to use one of the brands of RSO available at the dispensary to make RSO capsules.

First thing you need to do is have a general idea of the milligrams you want to make, then work backwards from there with the formulas below. I am shooting for 10mg capsules.

To figure out the total milligrams per batch:

Take the milliliters from the side of the syringe and multiply by the THC gives you the total milligrams

For example, an entire syringe is 1000ML and the THC is 83%

1000  x .83  = 830mg for the batch

*NOTE: If the THC is lower, the total milligrams will be lower and will affect your milligrams per capsule

To figure out the milligrams per capsule:

Take the milligrams from above (830) and divide it by the number of capsules you made (90)

For example, 830mg/90 = 9.2mg per capsule

Here’s a starting point for making capsules:

Using formulas above, you can get an estimate of number of capsules you need to make in order to get the desired milligrams per capsule. I use Size 3 capsules because they are smaller and easier to swallow (can purchase on amazon). As a basic rule, each teaspoon of coconut oil equals approximately 20-30 capsules.

If I wanted 10mg capsules, I would use approximately 3 teaspoons of coconut oil per syringe of RSO.

To liquify the RSO to make capsules:

Measure the coconut oil, as calculated above, and RSO into a glass bowl and place into saucepan with metal ring or rag on the bottom. This way the glass bowl isn’t directly on bottom of pan on the heat.  Add about an inch of water and turn on medium heat. Melt slowly on stovetop stirring constantly. When completely melted and mixed, remove from heat. Using syringe, fill capsules. Once you fill all your capsules, count the total number of capsules and apply to formula above to get milligrams per capsule.