Read how a back injury changed this patient's life forever.

I started on opiates in 2013 after I was injured on the job as a police officer.  I suffered a career ending back injury that ended up leading to 9 total surgeries.  I was prescribed oxycodone and oxycontin in 2011 and stayed on the medications until Jan 2015.  At first the medication helped to control the pain and give me some semblance of life back.  That quickly changed from giving me some life back to taking over my life.  My only thought all day every day was pain pills and what was i going to do when i ran out of them.  My life was consumed and the worst part was I wasn't getting any pain relief from them anymore.  I would go through my monthly script in 5-7 days and then I would steal from friends and family, go to the Er, make up lies to the Dr. about my meds being stolen and anything else I could think of to just avoid withdrawal.  It got to the point I was going to pain management every 2 weeks and paying a very large fee to get early refills.  My life was so out of control, I would sit in the basement all day just getting high and doing nothing else.  My marriage was falling apart and I didn't care.  I didn't want to spend time with family or even complete things that i needed to get done.  My life literally revolved around pills.  


It all came to a head in Dec of 2015 when I was in such a dark place that I gave up on life and tried to kill myself.  Thank god I failed and that is when I knew I needed to do something.  I went away to inpatient treatment for 32 days to detox from the opiates and that went well for the most part.  I was able to get off all the pills but then started long term suboxone treatment.  I was told it was much better and I wouldn't have any issues with it.  That was not true and it was not long before I was abusing that.  My life was a bit better but still in shambles and I was still suffering a lot of pain.  I had a sit down with my wife one night and told her what was going on and told her I needed to do something or I was going to end up right where I was before.  I had done a little research on medical marijuana and thought it might be worth a shot.  I detoxed myself off the suboxone and then came into SOMD relief.  I was hesitant at first because I really thought I was just going from one addiction to another.  I quickly realized that was not true.


I started off with the THC/CBD gummies and was shocked how well they worked.  It was way different that the pain pills because the psychoactive effect was very minimal but the pain relief was amazing.  I was able to start doing more and more and I really wasn't having to increase my dose like I did with pills.  I slowly transitioned to the Pax vape cartridge and gummy combo just because it gave me both short term and long term relief and was more cost effective to us.  Since then I can truly say that my life has done a 180 degree turn.  I am able to be as active as I ever was.  I am in the gym 6 days a week, going on 5-7 mile hikes weekly with my wife.  My marriage is amazing because we don't argue over pills anymore and my wife is so thankful I found medical marijuana.  We have traveled more in the past 18 months than we did the previous 6 years.  I don't have any of the side effects I suffered with pain pills and I truly feel I am free from that time in my life.  I am so grateful because I feel I have been saved from an impending death and can now look forward to life again.