Read how this patient used medical cannabis to help with opiate withdrawals

Back in the early 2000s I became introduced to Oxycontin through a friend. This was way before all the Information about how addictive and deadly they were came out. I started out occasionally, then my habit became a daily thing FAST. This went on for almost 2 years. During this time, one of my close friends overdosed at his home from oxys and died. Another friendĀ  moved on from snorting oxys to full blown heroin and also ODed, he did not die but continues to use to this day. I decided that was not how I wanted to end up so I started tapering down until I was ready to quit. Luckily, I had a friend who told me marijuana would help A LOT with some of the withdrawal symptoms and he hooked me up prior to withdrawal. It did help some with the nausea and with some of the cramping from withdrawal , but mostly it helped me after all that went away and kept me from going back to opiates. It also helped fill that void. A lot of people said I was using the marijuana as a crutch but I would tell them it has done an excellent job from keeping me from going back to pills, or worse, which is way better in my opinion. It also helps with some of the pains and issues I deal with from my Multiple Sclerosis and there's pretty much no way I'm ever going back down the road of opiates with this option - which luckily is now a legal option for me and many others.